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Lesson Plans

Diagramming the Federal Government

Analyze data from an historical diagram of the U.S. federal government, then research infographic design and explore types and methods of presenting data to help facilitate understanding of a modern-day audience. Access lesson

States of the Union

Compare and contrast key words and themes from presidential State of the Union addresses and then consider what themes do you think should be emphasized in the next State of the Union address. Access lesson

Presenting Party Platforms

Compare and contrast presidential party platforms and consider how the presentation of information can affect the electorate. Access lesson

Election Day

Explore, compare, and contrast historical and contemporary reflections about elections in America. Access lesson

Illustrating America

Explore the stories we tell when illustrating America through primary source analysis, reflection, and creation. Access lesson

Women’s Rights: Seneca Falls & Beyond

Investigate a key event in the history of women’s rights and the importance of commemorating the struggle for civil rights, then consider possible contributions to help ensure a future with greater equality. Access lesson

The Brownies’ Book: I Am an American Citizen

Analyze an issue of the Brownies’ Book to investigate its historical significance and explore how the theme of American citizenship was presented to children back then and could be represented to youth of today. Access lesson

Chinese Citizenship in Hawaii

Explore early 19th-century arguments against citizenship for Chinese immigrants to Hawaii and one journalist’s rebuttal to that “defense”, then investigate arguments for and against an immigrant group in America today and compare the historical and contemporary debates. Access lesson

Shrinking Glaciers

Analyze historical and contemporary maps to calculate glacier loss on Mount Rainier over time, then explore ideas for slowing glacier loss. Access lesson