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Lesson Plans

The Scientific Method, School Shootings, and Civic Action

Through an exploration of the history of school safety in the U.S., experience the connection between methods of scientific analysis and civic engagement. Generate questions, draw conclusions, and develop a plan to use data for civic action.

Electromagnetism, Electric Communication, and Community

Examine electro-magnetism and the science of communication and its role in building community in our country through primary source analysis and the construction of a telegraph machine.

Graphing Bullying Data to Create Change

Investigate national bullying definitions and statistics, creating graphs from the data, and use the knowledge gained to create and implement a school poll on bullying. Then use the poll data to draft a civic action plan to stop bullying.

Stop Bullying with Data Percentages

Use knowledge of fractions and percentages to examine national bullying data, then use civic skills to create a persuasive school community campaign backed by data to stop bullying now.

Dolores Huerta: Building Coalitions to Affect Change

Through analysis of primary sources, including poetry, explore the experiences of Mexican-American farmworkers over time and under the leadership of Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers. Then create your own coalition-building poem.

Dolores Huerta: Collaborating to Affect Change

How did Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers collaborate with others to improve working conditions? Use what you learned about civic engagement to reflect on working with others to problem solve and affect change.

Selma & Voting Rights: Standing Up for Equality

Analyze primary sources to discover a story of citizens shaping and sustaining our democracy through civic action and contemplate the import and impact of citizens who strive for equality.

The Meaning of the Federalist Papers

Engage with the key concepts of democracy and republic through close reading of excerpts from The Federalist Papers in order to gain a deeper understanding of the U.S. Constitution.