Mandatory Vaccinations: Yea or Nay?

Dr. Schreiber of San Augustine giving a typhoid innoculation at a rural school


In this three-part lesson students discuss the proper role of government in making public health decisions. In Part I, students discuss their prior knowledge of vaccinations and the purpose of vaccinations. In Part II, students assume the roles of members of Congress to determine if they will vote on a bill to require parents to vaccinate their children. Students will use primary sources to explore the issue, then will work in small groups to discuss both sides of the argument. Finally, students will state and support their vote for or against the bill. In Part III, students conduct independent research in order write their answer to the Essential Question.

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High School


Civics, Science


80-100 minutes


compulsory vaccinations, congress, health, immunizations, law, legislation, Mandatory Vaccinations, public health, public policy, vaccinations


Citizen U CRF

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