Whiskey Rebels: Champions of the Common Man or Treasonous Traitors?

Famous Whiskey Insurrection in Pennsylvania


Students will analyze primary sources to investigate the causes of the Whiskey Rebellion in 1791-1794 and consider if the protest actions of the rebels were protected by the 1st amendment as well as if the federal government treated the rebels justly according to the 6th and 8th amendments. Next, students will rewrite a textbook description of this historical event to more accurately reflect multiple perspectives that they learned about through their analyses of primary sources. Then students will select a person from their neighborhood, city, or state that they think deserves a historic monument and create a persuasive proposal advocating for that.

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High School


Art, Civics, Social Studies


200-300 minutes


bill of rights, farmers, George Washington, monuments, protest, taxes, treason, Whiskey Rebellion


TPS Eastern Region

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