Dolores Huerta: Collaborating to Affect Change

Boycott Lettuce and Grapes


Students explore the experiences of Mexican-American farmworkers in the United States and learn about how they – especially through the leadership of Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers – worked with others for improvements in pay and working conditions, as well as respect for their civil rights. Students analyze primary sources that document working and living conditions for farmworkers in order to build context and then analyze additional sources that highlight the contributions of Dolores Huerta.  Finally, students complete a writing assignment to reflect on working with others to help solve a problem.

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Need more information

Rated 3.0 out of 5
June 8, 2019

I love using the photos to get students to infer through observation. I wish I’d had more background information on Delores Huerta before I started the lesson as I didn’t know anything about her. Next time I will research her before I teach to better student understanding. One aspect I dislike is that all of the recommended assessments are writing assignments. I wish there were more of a variety of assessment types from which to choose.

Renee Kreczmer

Perfect Mix of Elements

Rated 5.0 out of 5
April 18, 2019

This has all the right elements to keep students engaged. Not only does it have primary source photos, audio, engaging questioning throughout, the students are also held accountable at the end with a writing assignment! The translated Spanish is a bonus for the ELL learners!

Stacy Coglianese




Civics, English Language Arts


80 minutes


civil rights, coalitions, Dolores Huerta, huelga, labor, poetry, strike, UFW, union, United Farm Workers


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