Lesson Plans

Rules & Responsibilities

In this lesson geared towards kindergartners, students analyze primary sources to reinforce the definitions of rules and responsibilities and consider why rules matter and ways to be responsible at home and in the classroom as well as a ways to act as a responsible citizen of their local community and of the world.

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Reservation Controversies

Students analyze a variety of primary and secondary sources to gain an understanding of the history of government relations, policies, and experiences with Native Americans. After students research contemporary issues relating to American Indian reservations using Congress.gov, news media, and official tribal websites to consider the rights and responsibilities of both the government and the tribes.

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Voting: Rights and Responsibilities

In this three-part lesson students use primary sources to explore voting rights in the United States. In Part I, students analyze two sets of documents to gain a deeper understanding of how suffrage has been both expanded and suppressed, developing claims about how voting rights impact equality. In Part II, students further analyze one of the documents from Day One before taking on the role of a congressional committee charged with amending (or not) the Voting Rights Act to require compulsory voting. In Part III, students write their answer to the Essential Question, informed by class discussion and primary source analysis.

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