Lesson Plans

Political Parties – Beginning

Students investigate the major political parties in the United States and the role they play in U.S. elections, then create political parties focused on issues affecting students at their school.

News, Perspective, Bias – Beginning

Through the lens of the Three Little Pigs and the Boston Massacre, students think critically about how perceptions of events are shaped by the storyteller, then consider the importance of taking multiple perspectives into account when reviewing stories and drawing conclusions about events.

Eagle map of the United States

Analyze how the geography of the United States has changed over time and gain a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of symbols to represent national ideals.

Celebrating America

Students explore the origins of Independence Day celebrations, then reflect on why citizens celebrate the birth of their country.

Snap a Photo: Agent of Change

Consider point of view or purpose while exploring Lewis Hine’s photographs that exposed child working conditions and advocated for child labor laws to protect children.

Congress and Child Labor

Explore why Congress decided long ago that it was important to pass labor laws to protect children by investigating a series of historical photographs of children working in fish factories.

Capture the Flag

By investigating primary sources displaying the American flag, explore the various ways people use the flag to show characteristics such as pride, loyalty, and unity for the nation.

Kids, Collaboration, and Coalitions

Explore coalition-building accomplishments of young people to recognize that any individual, regardless of age, race, status, or gender, has the potential to affect change through collaboration.

Find Your Freedom Beyond the Bill of Rights

What are some basic freedoms? What rights does the Bill of Rights guarantee? What other freedoms or rights should we work to secure?