Lesson Plans

Predicting & Inferring About Woman Suffrage

Link non-fiction literature with primary sources to build background knowledge of what it was like to be a suffragist and discover how women persistently fought for over 100 years until they were granted the right to vote. Access lesson

Diana’s White House Garden

Pair the picture book, Diana’s White House Garden, with primary sources to investigate the purposes of World War II victory gardens. Lesson guide Primary source set

What Do You Do with a Voice Like That?

Pair the picture book, What Do You Do with a Voice Like That, with primary sources to investigate Representative Barbara Jordan and the role she played in a changing political landscape in the 1960s and 1970s and during the Watergate investigations of President Nixon. Lesson guide Primary source set

Motor Vehicle Safety

Analyze safety features on a car design prior to national standards, investigate motor vehicle safety legislation over the years, then consider what safety features you would include on a modern-day motor vehicle. Access lesson

The Immigrant: Acquisition or Detriment?

Investigate historical and contemporary pros and cons of immigration and reflect on your own views of the issue. Access lesson

Biggest Business in the World

Analyze an historical presidential campaign ad and reflect on political promises and pledges that you value. Access lesson

Concerning the American Girl

Reflect on women’s rights through an examination of “ideals of womanhood” over time. Access lesson

I won’t stand for segregation

Analyze primary sources to investigate the story of Sister Rosa, then compare how contemporary culture has characterized her and add your own lyrical tribute. Access lesson

Politics: Everybody’s Doing It!

Explore how cartoons have been used historically to comment on politics, then try your hand at political commentary. Access lesson

Science & the Suffragettes

Evaluate historical claims and the evidence to support them and consider their applicability to today. Access lesson