Lesson Plans

Kids, Collaboration, and Coalitions

Explore coalition-building accomplishments of young people to recognize that any individual, regardless of age, race, status, or gender, has the potential to affect change through collaboration.

Find Your Freedom Beyond the Bill of Rights

What are some basic freedoms? What rights does the Bill of Rights guarantee? What other freedoms or rights should we work to secure?

Journalists and a Free Press

What role do journalists play in keeping citizens of a democratic society informed about their community, nation, and the world? Learn how to present issues accurately, fairly, and truthfully.

Electromagnetism, Electric Communication, and Community

Examine electro-magnetism and the science of communication and its role in building community in our country through primary source analysis and the construction of a telegraph machine.

Stop Bullying with Data Percentages

Use knowledge of fractions and percentages to examine national bullying data, then use civic skills to create a persuasive school community campaign backed by data to stop bullying now.

Dolores Huerta: Collaborating to Affect Change

How did Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers collaborate with others to improve working conditions? Use what you learned about civic engagement to reflect on working with others to problem solve and affect change.

TB or Not TB: Disease Prevention

Evaluate primary sources to deepen understanding of the role of science in disease prevention in the United States.

Equality Under the Law: Problems and Solutions

Analyze primary sources to examine historical problems and solutions related to equality under the law and reflect on how these lessons can be applied to contemporary issues of inequality.