Lesson Plans

Investigative Journalists: The Muckrakers

Students analyze primary sources to learn about the muckrakers, a group of journalists at the turn of the twentieth century who were among the first in the press to expose social and economic injustices through investigative reporting and photojournalism. After, students write a short news article on a current issue with a social justice focus.

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Journalists and a Free Press

Students learn about the crucial role journalists and reporters play in keeping the citizens in a democratic society informed about their community, the nation, and the world. First, students are introduced to the notion of “freedom of the press” from the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and discuss the role of journalists in reporting the news to us all. Next, students analyze primary sources related to famous journalists while referring to historical context for each in order to understand the important role these journalists played in their time. Finally, students create an issue of their own school newspaper to understand the responsibility their have as journalists to report accurately, fairly, and truthfully.

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