RISE for Racial Equity Webinars & Micro-credential

So many teachers are reflecting on how to fight racism, how to help students through the impact of the isolation and fear of the pandemic, and how to help students thrive in these challenging times. Teaching during COVID-19 and in a time of dismantling systemic racism is an experience that requires innovative approaches grounded in empathy, inquiry, trauma informed practices, and innovative thinking. The RISE for Racial Equity Webinars & Micro-credential program offered practical strategies for using inquiry and Library of Congress primary sources to dismantle racism, build empathy, and discover solutions as students gain skills in inquiry and civic mindedness.

Access the webinar recordings and associated resources through the links below.

 Reflection: Engaging All Students  Dec. 17, 2020 
 Inquiry: Dismantling Racism  Jan. 21, 2021
 Self-Awareness: Healing History  Feb. 18, 2021
 Empathy: Transforming Connections  Mar. 18, 2021
 Action: Inquiry and Civic Action for Equity    Apr. 22, 2021
 Action: Shifting to Civic Mindedness  May 20, 2021
 Action: From Equity Dream to Reality  Jun. 17, 2021