Lesson Plans

Carbon Footprints, Climate, and Civic Causes

Analyze how humans have influenced climate change since the Industrial Revolution. Then calculate your own carbon footprint and create an action plan to impact the environment.

The Scientific Method, School Shootings, and Civic Action

Through an exploration of the history of school safety in the U.S., experience the connection between methods of scientific analysis and civic engagement. Generate questions, draw conclusions, and develop a plan to use data for civic action.

Electromagnetism, Electric Communication, and Community

Examine electro-magnetism and the science of communication and its role in building community in our country through primary source analysis and the construction of a telegraph machine.

Mandatory Vaccinations: Yea or Nay?

Analyze primary sources to build knowledge of the purpose of immunizations and to serve as evidence when role playing as congressional leaders debating a mandatory vaccination bill.

Vaccinations, Science, and the Law

Explore the role of science in informing public policy and experience the challenges of decision-making about vaccinations in the United States.

TB or Not TB: Disease Prevention

Evaluate primary sources to deepen understanding of the role of science in disease prevention in the United States.