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We’ve come to the end of another school year, and will be on hiatus over the summer preparing to hit the ground running, and harder, for 2019-20, after ending the 2018-19 on a very high note, with the eleventh annual Our American Voice Summit, this year in two locations, and the ground-breaking passage of a new civics education requirement for all middle schools in Illinois, which OAV students and teachers helped lobby for… 

The 74 Million takes a deep dive into Democracy Prep, the first network of charter schools with civic education and engagement at its core, how these schools have shown civics can enhance overall school performance, and the challenges they face… Learn More


Times columnist Peter Wehner, who served in the Reagan and Bush administrations, makes the case that even in these cynical times, our standards for politicians are too high, ironically preventing us from seeing what they’re really doing… Learn More


The greatest untapped resource we have available to overcome all our challenges, including polarization, is our fellow Americans, and we may finally be on the road to unleashing this literal life force… Learn More

Students are immersed in the long, rich, and inspiring tradition of youth activism in our country via this provocative Citizen U lesson pack that starts them down the road to participation themselves… Learn More


The first microcredential program for educators focused on the use of primary sources in civics education and integration of civics throughout the curriculum has begun piloting in Illinois…  Learn More


Civics education leader iCivics’ DBQuest is introducing students to major issues and topics in US history and civics using Big Questions to guide exploration of related primary sources… Learn More


The Library of Congress’s new For The People program lets you and your students make history by helping the Library transcribe, review, and tag its vast collection of primary sources... Explore


Citizen U is an educational initiative, funded by the Library of Congress, that integrates primary source learning and inquiry-based civics across core disciplines–English language arts, math, science, social studies–and grade levels from elementary to middle and high school. Learn more

Mattoon Middle School students learn how to lead their school–and community–to water… Learn More



Heritage Middle School’s homelessness initiatives are only part of the story when its students are exposed to the potential of action civics… Learn More


They never outgrew Legos; now Fabian Saieg, Leandro Lima, and Leandro Miguez, co-founders of Argentina’s Ecoinclusion Foundation–are making affordable housing beyond sustainable… Learn More

One of the greatest real civic education activities blossoming today, the Participatory Budgeting Project, is engaging more than 400,000 citizens in 29 cities deciding how to spend more than $300M in public monies on hundreds of community projects across the country… Learn More


For the civic journey ahead, the New York Times has assembled a treasure trove of advice, stories, videos, printables, links, and other resources for educators who want to get their students involved in action, all organized around a five-step process… Learn More


Our American Voice is a non-partisan, project-based learning initiative that teaches students from elementary to high school how to apply lessons from the founders to become active citizens in their own communities. Learn more