TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential Program

The TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential Program consists of three distinct courses, each leading to an individual digital badge. The courses are “stacked” as one course builds to the next.  A teacher who completes all three courses in the stack earns a “master” digital badge. The courses include: TPS Civics Teaching Expert, TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert, and TPS Civics Coaching Expert.

The TPS Civics Teaching Expert micro-credential course engages educators in developing skills to use the Library of Congress for teaching with primary sources and launches participants on a transformational journey to invigorate their teaching with inquiry-based learning strategies and, most significantly, to understand civics as a central component of all teaching regardless of discipline.

The TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert micro-credential course supports teachers as they deepen their skill and expertise in developing inquiry-driven curriculum and instruction that leverages the power of primary sources while integrating and prioritizing civics.

The TPS Civics Coaching micro-credential course leverages the powerful impact of teacher-to-teacher coaching on instruction and student engagement and mentors teachers as they initiate and navigate the coaching relationship with colleagues.

Micro-Credential Interest Form

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