TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential Program


The TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential Program consists of 3 distinct courses, each leading to an individual digital badge. The courses are “stacked” as one course builds to the next.  A teacher who completes all 3 courses in the stack earns a “master” digital badge. The courses include:

  1. TPS Civics Teaching Expert
  2. TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert
  3. TPS Civics Coaching Expert

The TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential Program is for teachers of any subject and any grade because civics is not just for social studies any more!


Interested? Read on or APPLY for the TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential 2019 Illinois pilot.


The TPS Civics Teaching Expert micro-credential course engages educators in developing skills to use the Library of Congress for teaching with primary sources and launches participants on a transformational journey to invigorate their teaching with inquiry-based learning strategies and, most significantly, to understand civics as a central component of all teaching regardless of discipline.

The TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert micro-credential course supports teachers as they deepen their skill and expertise in developing inquiry-driven curriculum and instruction that leverages the power of primary sources while integrating and prioritizing civics.

The TPS Civics Coaching micro-credential course leverages the powerful impact of teacher-to-teacher coaching on instruction and student engagement and mentors teachers as they initiate and navigate the coaching relationship with colleagues.


Teachers may complete 1, 2, or all 3 courses. All teachers must begin with Course 1 — Civics Teaching Expert but may be able to assess out upon provision of evidence of competency.

Teachers will earn a digital badge along with 20 Illinois CPDUs for satisfactory completion of each course and the corresponding course survey.

The first course implementation will be a pilot program with Illinois teachers taking place from June through September 2019. After the pilot, the program will open up to teachers from other states.


The 2019 Illinois pilot will begin on June 10, 2019 with the first synchronous online session at 7:00 pm CST. Video recordings of the synchronous sessions will be available to anyone who is unable to attend an online event. Pilot courses should be completed by September 30, 2019.

Pilot stipends will be awarded as follows to Illinois teachers who earn badges for the courses and complete the corresponding course surveys:

Course 1: TPS Civics Teaching Expert = $100

Course 2: TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert = $125

Course 3: TPS Civics Coaching Expert = $150

Interested? APPLY for the TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential 2019 Illinois pilot.

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