TPS Civics Educator Micro-credential Program

Thanks to funding from a Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources grant and a Barat Education Foundation donor, the TPS Civics Educator Micro-credential program is FREE!

The TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential program is for teachers of any subject and any grade because civics is not just for social studies any more! Enrollment spaces will be awarded to teachers who demonstrate dedication to integrating civics with primary source learning to prepare students to become the actively engaged citizens of tomorrow. We hope that you will consider applying to be a part of this highly selective group.


The TPS Civics Educator Micro-Credential program consists of 3 distinct courses, each leading to an individual digital badge. The courses are “stacked” as one course builds to the next, culminating in a “master” digital badge. Each course contains 4 modules that are completed at the pace of the learner. Each activity within the modules involves about 1 hour of study and application is directly tied to teacher practice. The courses also feature pre-assessments that evaluate current skills and enable personalized learning, including possible exemption from certain course components. The courses include:

  1. TPS Civics Teaching Expert
  2. TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert
  3. TPS Civics Coaching Expert


The TPS Civics Teaching Expert micro-credential course engages educators in developing skills to use the Library of Congress for teaching with primary sources and launches participants on a transformational journey to invigorate their teaching with inquiry-based learning strategies and, most significantly, to understand civics as a central component of all teaching regardless of discipline.

The TPS Civics Curriculum Design Expert micro-credential course supports teachers as they deepen their skill and expertise in developing inquiry-driven curriculum and instruction that leverages the power of primary sources while integrating and prioritizing civics.

The TPS Civics Coaching micro-credential course leverages the powerful impact of teacher-to-teacher coaching on instruction and student engagement and mentors teachers as they initiate and navigate the coaching relationship with colleagues.

Questions? Interested in a cohort just for your district? Contact us.