“May you always be courageous / Stand upright and be strong”, Forever Young, Bob Dylan

We congratulate Bob Dylan on the Nobel Prize for Literature, for the his body of work.  Dylan is considered to be the voice of a generation and he is the first songwriter to win the literature prize. We recall the lyrics of “Forever Young”, released in 1974 and how they still speak to us today.

The American people write our song, let us remember we are the authors of what we want our country to be. America, “May you always do for others/And let others do for you. May you be  Forever Young.”


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Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith

Sheila Smith is a successful entrepreneur, small business owner and a leader in civic, community, and nonprofit organizations. Throughout her career, she has shown a commitment to education and addressing societal problems and issues, commitment to education and advocacy to address social issues that most significantly affect those on the margins of our society.

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  • I was not clear ” Dylan received his Nobel Prize for his musical work throughout the decades – not just for “Forever Young” which happens to be one of my favorites and timely.

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