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CRF-USA And Barat Collaborate

crf_logoThrough a collaboration with CRF-usa, Barat contributed content from the Library of Congress to a Google Arts and Culture mobile app.  The exhibit “Voting and Elections in Early America” is part of the Google Arts and Culture American Democracy exhibit.

The American Democracy collection will allow anyone with an internet connection to explore over 60 exhibits and 2500+ artifacts from 44 institutions as wide-ranging as the Constitutional Rights Foundation, Monticello, the Home of Thomas Jefferson, and the National Archives. The exhibition is open for all at the Google Arts & Culture Web Site and through their mobile app for iOS and Android.

Our teams will be building an inquiry unit to help teachers use the Google Arts & Culture content in their classrooms.  This will be just one more way Barat will be able to support teachers as they infuse primary sources and civics into their classroom instruction.

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